Prayer for Your Ministry

Oh, Father God, may not a single one of us forget this night or forget this day, but may every single one of us – from our very innermost being, say, “Lord, I’ll pay the price no matter what others may do. I’ll do Your work, Your will. Your plan shall be consummated in my life. Your will for my life and ministry shall be perfected. In the Name of Jesus.”

Make this confession with me:

Dear Father God,

I am willing – I not only have a willing mind, but from my heart, my spirit – I have a willing spirit! I will to do YOUR will – to follow Your plan. Though it may be hard on the flesh, though there may be a cost, I’ll pay the price and I’ll do Your will. I’ll follow Your plan. Your will shall be accomplished in my life, and Your plan shall be perfected in the Name of Jesus. I will not draw back. I will not go back on the words I’ve spoken here tonight no matter what it may seem to cost. No matter how much it may seem to hurt, I know the rewards are great and that it pays to obey God.

Thank You for working in my life. Thank You for preparing me for that which You have prepared for me. Thank You for showing me those things which I see not. Thank You for teaching me those which I know not. Thank You for preparing me for that which You have prepared for ME. Your will, I will do. Hallelujah!

I purpose to be faithful, to be true, to be dedicated, to be consecrated – not just for tonight, not just in words but in action. And tomorrow and the next week and the next year and forever, I’m Yours! Use me, oh, Lord. Make me a blessing unto humanity.

May Your plan and purpose for my life and ministry be perfected in me. And it is God, God our Father, who is at work within me. Hallelujah. I yield to You. I trust in You, and I’ll not allow my natural mind to dominate me. I’ll maintain the vision. I’ll maintain the glow. I’ll maintain the commitment. And I’ll not forget – with You, I will go.



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