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The New Testament Church is our name because the Act of the Apostle is our blueprint . All our practices are based on the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Our church administration, our goals our belief and our practices are all taken from the example of the early church in the New Testament.


The lord Jesus Christ is preparing a Holy Army in this end–time . A Holy Army of  husbands and wives ,single men and women ,boy and girls and children of every tribe ,tongue ,people and nation ,anointed to teach and preach the true Gospel, to lay hands on the sick to cast out devils ,to call the sinner to repentance ,to do might exploits and to destroy high places .The New Testament church is part of this Holy Army .

The New Testament Church is a place where the hurting, the depressed, the oppressed, the frustrated, the rejected, the abused can find love, acceptance, forgiveness, help and encouragement.


The New Testament church is a place for miracles, deliverance, healing, restoration, freedom, and sign and wonders is a place where you receive and give out of your life to make a difference in other people lives.



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  1. Dear Man of God,
    I would like to invite you to Kahama Tanzania as for crusade.The event will be in January,2016.We shall be happy if you come.I am located in the north western part of Tanzania.
    To reach us you take the flight to Dar es Salaam international airport which is commonly known as Nyerere International Airport,then you connect to another flight to Mwanza airport where I will pick you up by the van.From Mwanza to Kahama takes four to five hours drive.How can you facilitate the planting your church/ministry in Tanzania? I would love to minister under such church.

    I look forward to hear from you.

    Yours faithfully,

    +255 766 265543


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