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A Prayer for Protection

by Charles Fosu

A Prayer for Protection Throughout the Bible we are constantly reminded to “fear not.” It is not God’s will that we live in anxiety or fear ever. Remember, He is well able to protect you, your family and all who take a stand on His Word. The following is a prayer based totally on Scripture. […]

The Faith Aid

by Charles Fosu

MAKING OUR REDEMPTION A REALITY Many Christians are SICK, POOR and DEFEATED in many if not all areas of their lives! In spite of what the Lord Jesus Christ did for them at Calvary’s cross where God provided redemption for ALL MANKIND. REDEMPTION from SIN, POVERTY, SICKNESS and DEATH! The Word of God reveals that […]

How to Lead People to Jesus

by Charles Fosu

Overcoming obstacles Most barriers to evangelism come through fear. But two biblical principles overcome these barriers. First, have confidence in the God who lives inside you. Realize that God gave you the gifts you need for the job. Don’t compare yourself with others who seem to have greater evangelistic gifts than you. Evangelism isn’t a […]