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First Words

by philip

FIRST WORDS:   You wake up in the middle of the night with pain shooting through your body…, You re rushing to work and a tire on your car goes flat… Its only the third week of the month and your bank account is empty… What will be the first words out of your mouth? […]

Understanding Ministry

by philip

Understanding Ministry In a sense, all born-again believers are ministers. In 2 Corinthians 5: 1B – 19 the Bible tells us that God has given us “the ministry of reconciliation.” As believers we are to tell the world that God is not mad at them and that the only sin that will send them to […]

A Prayer for the Nations

by philip

A Prayer for the Nations Daily, international events are setting the stage for Jesus’ return. As believers in every lind continue to pray on behalf of their leaders, God is pouring out of His Spirit making tremendous power available to guide the governments of every nation according to His divine will and plan. Psalm 2:8, […]

Prayer for those in prison

by philip

How to Pray for Those in Prison At age 27, Don D. was sent to prison to serve a three-year term at the Wynn Unit in Huntsville, Texas for the sale and possession of illegal drugs. His mother, Clara Ruth, prayed earnestly that some day he would stop serving the devil and start serving God. […]

Prayer for court case

by philip

A Prayer for Those Involved in Court Cases As you — or others you know — face a legal battle, choose to walk in God’s right­eousness, His integrity, His love…and His Word. And throughout this challenge, stand on, pray and confess the truth of God’s Word as reflected in this prayer: “Father, Your Word says […]